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CODEX, a holistic solution for your Cash On Delivery (COD), reduces the duration of the cash rollover cycle. Codex partners get to reinvest their profits on operations and move inventory more quickly.

Same Day Delivery

Did a rush order just come in? Worry not, Codex can handle it. We’ll take care of all your last-minute delivery needs. We assure you that each shipment will reach their respective recipients safe, sound, and fully intact. Codex offers same day delivery to its partners to cater to all the immediate deliveries in the emirate of Dubai at a premium price.

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Cash handling

Hand over your COD invoice to Codex’s rider and he’ll give you the payment in an instant! We have eliminated the holding period and took care of the cash handling process to get rid of the dreaded

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Profit based financing structure

Codex tailor fits the payment structure according to the company’s size and category. By doing so, we are able to offer flexible payment methods to our partners, for a nominal fee.

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Tracking Service


Tracking System

Customer Support Service


When you partner with Codex, you gain access to an exclusive admin dashboard that lets you monitor the status of all your deliveries in a single page – whether it’s to review your successful shipments, track those in progress or check your returned deliveries. You can also create custom airway bills and check future bookings in this dashboard. It’s also highly customizable, which means you can choose which information you would like to see and manage upon opening the system.

Tracking System

Your customer can track his or her package as soon as it leaves your doorstep. Not only does this reduce your recipient’s anxiety by communicating trust and transparency, it also minimizes the pressure on your customer service team. Our tracking system provides your customers with complete delivery information which includes the unique tracking number and estimated delivery date, and gives real-time updates on the status of the shipment.

Customer Support Service

Codex is easy to reach anytime of the day. We have dedicated personnel who are on standby 24/7 to respond to all your queries. Similarly, we also provide round-the-clock customer support service for all our business partners' clientele. Our hotlines are manned by highly-trained agents who will accommodate all questions and concerns regarding shipment tracking.

Why choose us

Why partner with CODEX

  • Fast and Reliable Courier Service
  • Payment Upfront
  • Decreased Capital Needs
  • Commission-Based, Dynamic Funding Structure
Why our partners love us

Fast and Reliable Courier Service

Look no further than Codex for a delivery partner you can rely on whenever, wherever. Our coverage spans all cities in the UAE and we offer 24/7 customer service to keep your customers at ease. You’ll also be given access to an exclusive dashboard where you’ll receive real-time updates for every dispatch made. Here at Codex, we don’t just promise speed. We also guarantee security.

Why our partners love us

Payment Upfront

Payment upfront for all your cash on deliveries IMMEDIATELY. This method grants you the opportunity to reinvest your capital back to your business operations as soon as possible, therefore minimizing the risk of order cancellation due to product unavailability. Moreover, Codex customizes the funding for every shipment. We refrain from offering fixed prices so we can accommodate businesses of all sizes.

Why our partners love us

Decreased Capital Needs

Partnering with Codex allows you to fully embrace COD without waiting for payments. By receiving cash upfront when we pick up your goods, you no longer have to sit around for 7 to 14 days for the payment rollover. Having a high conversion cycle for your cash grants you the liberty to replenish stocks and pay expenses on time without fear of coming up short. Funding your business’ operations is guaranteed worry-free with Codex

Why our partners love us

Commission-Based, Dynamic Funding Structure

At Codex, our goal is to help all our partner entrepreneurs get the maximum profit according to their business category. No two companies are the same, so we customize our finance structure according to the needs of your business. This revolutionary method set us apart from the competition and makes our company the preferred delivery service provider of e-commerce platforms all over UAE.

Hand over your goods for COD and get your payment upfront.

About the Company

With its broad and enduring experience that commenced all the way from Portugal, renowned venture capital ASA Ventures brings you Codex – the holistic courier provider to every online seller’s Cash on Delivery (COD) needs. Aside from fast and secure delivery services, Codex also helps mitigate the impact of cash-driven delivery transactions on day-to-day business operations.
The company takes pride in being at the forefront of providing exceptional logistical solutions to e-commerce platform operators and online retailers all over UAE. As a modern-day courier service that focuses on COD transactions, Codex breaks traditional barriers by eliminating the holding period for funds release. The company hands over the payment upon pick-up of the shipment, and gives the seller real-time data of every dispatch through status updates and exclusive dashboard access.
If you’re looking to scale your business and grow your client base, you’ve come to the right place.

Mena Market

  • Technology has greatly transformed the digital landscape of the MENA region, particularly the UAE, in the last two decades. Despite these advancements, however, the e-commerce industry has struggled to maintain its position in the ongoing digital revolution.
  • Consider COD as a prime example. While it has become the preferred mode of payment for 60 to 80 percent of online transactions, e-commerce stores still have to wait 7 to 14 days for the rollover of cash payments when their shoppers choose this option. The waiting period compels business owners to find ways to raise investment to ensure that there is enough working capital to continue operations.
  • This is where Codex, the holistic courier solution for your COD woes, comes in.
  • By signing up with CODEX, you can now offer COD without worrying about the cash conversion cycle and unnecessary fund hold-up.
  • Be more. Do more. Be a Codex Partner today.

Embracing COD without any waiting period

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How Codex works

Your customer places an order

All verified orders automatically appear on the to Codex dashboard.

Codex picks up the order & pays you upfront

Codex dispatches the order

Your customer receives the package

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I own a small business. Will I have the same commission structure as the bigger companies?

A: No, your commission structure will be different. Codex customizes it according to business size and category.

Q: Can I choose which service to avail when I sign up with Codex?

A: Our cash handling and delivery services work best together, so we only offer them as a package.

Q: Does Codex handle other delivery transactions like debit or credit payments?

A: Our goal is to be the leading COD courier service in the UAE, hence, our sole specialization is handling Cash-on-Delivery transactions.

Q: Do you deliver everywhere in the UAE?

A: Codex is currently available in selected areas in UAE. Our services will be available to more parts of the country soon.

Q: How can I track the delivery status of my packages?

A: All Codex partners are given access to the admin dashboard. Here you’ll find complete details about each shipment. We’ll also send you and your customer real-time updates regarding the status of delivery.

Q: How do I become a Codex partner?

A: We’d love to have you on board! Contact us at [email protected] so we can process your application immediately.

Q: Do you offer same-day delivery?

A: Yes, we do! The same day delivery service comes with our premium package.

Q: Do you provide customer support?

A: Yes, we do! Codex’s lines are open 24/7 for delivery and shipping-related queries.

Q: Do I need to set up an account with Codex before I can use your services

A: Yes. Creating an account easy, Click here to get started!

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  • Thank you codex ® Home Appliances eCommerce

    Tariq Altan
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  • codex ® made COD a safe payment method for me and my customers.

    Zubair Khan
    Grocery Manager